Benzema: Zidane’s Like A Big Brother And I had to adapt for Ronaldo

Karim Benzema has an excellent relationship with his coach Zinedine Zidane, describing his boss at Real Madrid as an older brother.

The French striker has been performing superbly for Los Blancos over the years, but particularly under his fellow countryman.

“He is like a big brother to me. Off the field, he is always there to give me advice,” Benzema told ICON magazine.

Benzema has had the unenviable task of attempting to fill the void left by Cristiano Ronaldo, although the former Lyon forward feels his switch to Juventus allowed him to alter his game.

“I was very happy with Cristiano, but his departure allowed me to play a different role,” he said.

“He scored 50 goals every year and you had to adapt to his game.

“He is one of the best in the world and I was happy by his side.”

For a player of his status, Benzema has remained largely out of the spotlight in recent years off the field, but denies that he is immune to criticism.

“It is not true that nothing affects me,” he said. “I have feelings, but I will never show my weaknesses, even if I have them.

“When I am not well, I keep it to myself.”

While Benzema isn’t one to idolise many players, it is a former Real Madrid icon that he has long looked up to.

“I do not have idols, but I do have role models. In football, I would say that Ronaldo, the Brazilian, was a role model for me,” he said.

“I also admire Mike Tyson, because both he and I came from the bottom and reached the top.

“Nobody handed us anything.”

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