Boxing: David Haye, Tony Bellew Tip Anthony Joshua To Beat Tyson Fury

David Haye has made a prediction that even he is branding ‘controversial’ ahead of Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury.

Contract for the Blockbuster fight was signed by the two boxers at the weekend.

In reaction to this news, Haye told Sky: “Tyson Fury – many do believe [he] is number one because Fury beat Wilder, and he’s the lineal champion.

“But I think it’s the perfect time for Anthony Joshua.
“Tyson Fury is on such a high. The victory over Wilder made him look a million dollars.

“His confidence will be sky high and I genuinely think Fury and his team don’t rate AJ as highly as they should do.

“That, in itself, causes potential issues.”

The former heavyweight champion then made his prediction.

He continued: “If Tyson Fury attacks Anthony Joshua in the same manner he did against Deontay Wilder, I don’t believe it works in his favour.

“I believe he’ll be too open, too wide and someone as fast, athletic, and as skilful as Anthony Joshua will be able to punch right through the middle and take him out, and take him out early.

“I know it’s a controversial prediction.”

On Monday, Haye’s former opponent Tony Bellew gave his thoughts.

Bellew said on Fight Night Extra on talkSPORT 2: “I just think styles make fights.

“I believe he [Joshua] is the only guy who has the tools to beat Tyson Fury.

“He’s the man who can get close enough, he’s the man who throws punches that are fast enough to land, he hits hard enough to drop him and hurt him.

“Nobody else in the world has the skillset that Anthony Joshua has.

“Nobody is technically at the same level as Anthony Joshua.

“I’m not saying he’s better than Tyson Fury – Tyson Fury is a better boxer than Anthony Joshua, but Anthony Joshua moves quicker than Tyson Fury.

“Anthony Joshua’s explosive power is bigger than Tyson Fury’s, Anthony Joshua’s combination punching is quicker than Tyson Fury’s.

“Tyson Fury is quicker with one punch, with the speed of the jab and the speed of the feet, but he is not faster with the combinations.

“I do think it’s got to happen inside the first six rounds for Anthony Joshua.

“If it doesn’t, I don’t think he beats him.

“Tyson Fury is very, very hard to work out, but I still stand by Anthony Joshua. I just think he will jump on him, he won’t care what’s coming back, and that’s the only way to beat Tyson Fury.”

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