Cassano: Cristiano Ronaldo only thinks about his goals and his records

Former Italy striker Antonio Cassano believes that Cristiano Ronaldo is more focused on personal accolades instead of contributing to Juventus’ common cause.

Cassano explained that the Portugal international was the main issue of the former Juventus coach Maurizio Sarri in his attempt to introduce his style of football to the Old Lady.

“If you sell Cristiano, there is 100 million euros with which you can sign a couple of top players,” Cassano told Christian Vieri on the latter’s Twitch show Bobo TV.

“Last year, Sarri put into practice the best football in recent years and was fired.

“His problem was Cristiano Ronaldo. You can’t have a coach who wants to play football with Cristiano Ronaldo. He’s a brake for [Andrea] Pirlo.

“Cristiano only thinks about his goals and records.
“If you are president and want to start a new cycle, you cannot give a rookie coach the responsibility of managing someone like Ronaldo.

“[Dejan] Kulusevski, for example, is very influenced. Young people without personality face problems.”

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