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You can now get Complete Sports Newspaper delivered to your phone! Everyday!!Nigeria’s most-widely-read sports publication… Complete Sports Newspaper…

Is now DIGITAL!!!

And affordable!

Subscribe for just N500/month and get all the news delivered to your phone, everyday


You can now get your favourite, Nigeria’s number one Sports newspaper… Complete Sports Newspaper on your phone, tablet or computer for just N500/month.

All 30 editions

One subscription

All the news delivered to your phone

And when you subscribe, you will also get VIP access to Complete Sports VIP Sports betting prediction service for free…


Voted best Sports News Website in Nigeria.

Dear sports lover,

Are you a passionate lover of sports  

who likes to read sports newspapers…

 but don’t have the time or chance to visit a newspaper stand to buy your favourite sports newspaper…


You are looking for a more convenient, less stressful , faster and more affordable way of getting all the latest sports news delivered straight to your phone… everyday… ?

Then we have the perfect gift for you.


Complete Sports Digital Newspaper…

Now, for the first time ever, you can subscribe to receive all daily editions of Complete sports newspaper straight to your phone… Everyday.

For as little as N500/month

What is complete Sports Digital Newspaper?

Simply put,

Complete Sports Digital Newspaper is still your favourite Number one sports newspaper, but this time in your phone, tablet or Computer.

It is a new service we launched so you can easily get all the sports news  you care about… Straight to your phone… 

and best of all?

It is affordable

For just N500/month, we will deliver the Complete Sports Newspaper to your phone, everyday for 30 days.

Read and enjoy on the go…

* no need to visit newspaper stands to get your favourite sports newspaper

* Get newspaper delivered straight to your phone everyday 

Once you subscribe, we will send you a copy of the sports newspaper everyday. Straight to your email.

* read and enjoy anywhere, anytime. 

Whether you are in traffic, or at a bar enjoying a cold bottle of your favourite drink.

We believe you are a king. And kings don’t stress themselves. We want you to enjoy your reading wherever you are.

* for as little as N500/month (85% discount).

Usually, to buy all 30 issues of Complete Sports Newspaper in a month will cost you N3,000. Now you can get all for just N500/month (an 85% discount).

And there’s more…

As soon as you subscribe you will…

* Become a VIP member of Complete Sports VIP bet prediction service FREE

Yes, free.

 Everyday, we will send you the best betting tips of the day for you to win big. We have partnered with a top sports betting prediction company. Everyday, we will send you bet predictions you can play and win.

Subscribe, Stake and win!

INSIDE Complete Sports Digital Newspaper,

we bring you…

Packed with profiles, interviews, features, from the best leagues in the world

Get the news delivered to you everyday. Never miss an issue!

INSIDE Complete Sports Digital Newspaper,

we bring you…

Packed with profiles, interviews, features, from the best leagues in the world

Get the news delivered to you everyday. Never miss an issue!

It is…

Convenient – read anytime, anywhere on your phone, tablet or PC. Whether you are in traffic on your way to work or out in the park, you can enjoy your time reading

Faster – You don’t need to visit a newspaper stand or vendor anymore. With just one click you have all the news in your hands.

Affordable – Only N500/month for 30 issues. If you were to buy all 30issues individually, you would have to spend N3,000. With this subscription, you get to save N2,500 (85%)

We bring you news from…

Europe’s Top League

People argue that the English Premier League is the best league in the world. That it is more physical and technical than Laliga, SerieA, Bundesliga and Eridivisie.

We don’t know if you agree, but whatever your stance, we will bring you the best news from Europe’s best leagues.

UEFA Champions League

As the top teams in Europe battle for a chance to be crowned champions, we will be by your side, bringing you match reports and inside stories as they break.

Transfer News

We take you into the transfer season as clubs try to improve their teams. we will bring you blow by blow reports of who your favourite club plans to add to their squad.

International News

Whether it is news around boxing, basketball, tennis or athletics, we’ve got you covered.


Nigeria Premier Football League

The NPFL isn’t left out. We bring you stories about the matches, rising stars, drama and action happening in the Nigeria Premier Football League.

And much more…

Why choose Complete Sports Newspaper?

And above all…

With Complete Sports Digital Newspaper, you have the world of sports, right in your hands.

Have you got questions? Let’s answer them

The Complete Sports Digital Newspaper includes daily issues of Complete Sports Newspaper sent to your phone, plus full access to the Complete Sports VIP Sports betting predictions.

It is the newly launched digital version of Complete Sports Newspaper, only this time, it is all on your phone, tablet or computer.

You get access to all 30 issues of Complete Sports Newspaper, plus VIP access to the bet predictions for as little as N500/month. (instead of N3,000 for all 30 issues. 85% discount).

There is no extra or hidden cost for the subscription.

To bring you the best service, your subscription will be renewed automatically so you can continue to enjoy the service.

Simply click on the red box (subscribe button) and you will be taken to the subscription page where we have several easy payment options for you.

Yes! With N500/month, we are offering you a huge 85% discount.

Yes. Everyday, an issues of the digital newspaper will be sent straight to your email. You can download and read on your phone, tablet or computer.

We know you will love the news and stories we will deliver to you. But if you ever feel like opting out, you can send us a message and we will cancel your subscription.

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