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The latest season of Netflix’s popular show “F1: Drive to Survive” will introduce a new face, Danica Patrick. She will join the team of pundits used on the show alongside Will Buxton and Claire Williams, among others.

The American, 41, made a name for herself for her on-track exploits in America. She was the first woman to win a race in the IndyCar Series and get pole position in the NASCAR Cup Series. She is also one of only 14 drivers to have led both the Indianapolis 500 and Daytona 500 as well as holding a host of other records.

In recent years, she’s become a familiar face on TV screens in the UK as part of Sky Sports’ punditry team covering Formula One. And after being a regular in the paddock, she’ll now take her expertise to Netflix.

Tom Rogers, co-executive producer of “F1: Drive to Survive”, shared with the New York Post why they were eager to bring Patrick on board for the new series. He said: “We attempt to focus on the stories of the sport and with Danica, she brings a great perspective of … what it’s like a drive a racing car … and the challenges of the sport.

“The periphery to that is less important for us in the sense that she’s bringing a good contribution to the story. I think she does a really good job explaining to our viewers some of the thought processes that the drivers are going through.

“Her background as a driver provides a really interesting perspective that we maybe haven’t tapped into before.”

Despite her achievements on the race track, Patrick’s off-track comments and actions have also made headlines. She attended a Turning Point USA event and shared photos of her experience, hinting at her support for ex-President Donald Trump. She faced criticism for sharing pictures of hats worn by the former president and an advert for “Woke Tears Water.”

She also suggested that many women lack the mindset to succeed in motorsports, as we still wait for the first female F1 driver. “As I’ve always said in my whole career, it takes 100 guys to come through to find a good one, and then it takes 100 girls. That takes a long time to find a good one, right?” she explained in July 2023. “It’s just, the odds are not in favour of there always being one or being many of them.

“And at the end of the day, I think that the nature of the sport is masculine. It’s aggressive. You have to, you know, handle the car – not only just the car because that’s skill, but the mindset that it takes to be really good is something that’s not normal in a feminine mind, a female mind. You have to be like, for me, I know if somebody tries to bow up to make it difficult on me, I would go into like an aggressive kill mode, right?”

“You just want to go after them, and that’s just not a natural feminine thought. I say that because I’ve asked my friends about it, and they’re like, ‘Yeah, that’s not how I think.'”

Netflix’s popular series is coming back on Feb. 23, and it will give fans a peek at all the action from the latest F1 season. Movie star Ryan Reynolds, who has invested in the Alpine team, will make a brief cameo after appearing in the trailer for the new season.

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