Eddie Hearn: Tyson Fury Is Going To Lose To Anthony Joshua

Eddie Hearn doesn’t understand where Tyson Fury is coming from with his nervous talk about the heavyweight unification fight with Anthony Joshua not happening.

Hearn wants Fury to know that the fight will happen with IBF/WBA/WBC/WBO champion Joshua, and he will be tasting defeat for the first time in his career.

The Matchroom promoter Hearn assures Fury that the fight will be happening, and it’ll be a done deal soon, ready to be announced to the public.

With the way Fury sounds the alarm bells, he appears to be hinting at taking a tune-up fight before he faces Joshua. Ideally, a warm-up fight would be an excellent idea for Fury, but his promoters at Top Rank are unlikely to give him that luxury.

It would cost a lot of money for Top Rank to give Fury, 32, another tune-up, and he’s already had two lower-level fights with them with his matches against Tom Schwartz and Otto Wallin.

Fury is just going to have to give it his best shot. If he’s not quite 100% due to ring rust, he’ll have a chance to avenge the loss in the rematch with Joshua later on this year.

That’s the beauty of there being two Joshua-Fury fights. If something goes haywire for one of them in the first fight, they can make corrections the second time around.

It would be in Fury’s best interest to show some class and take the high road and own his loss rather than make excuses about his inactivity.

They’re not going to give Fury another warm-up fight at this point just because he’s feeling nervous.

“Matchroom and Joshua have just spent the last two months trying to get this deal over the line just for a laugh?” said Eddie Hearn to iFL TV about the Fury fight.

“His [Fury] time is coming, and he’s going to get his wish, and the fight is going to happen. The fight is going to happen soon, and there’s only going to be one winner. I’m so confident,” said Hearn.

Fury interviewed this week with ESPN, talking about how he believed that Joshua didn’t want the fight. He expressed doubts that the fight would happen. On social media, Fury said he thought Joshua was afraid to face him.

“Tyson, can you unblock me because when we get this fight made, I want to start this banter,” said Hearn.

“We’re doing everything we can to make this fight, the fight is going to get made, and he’s going to get a chance to fight Anthony Joshua. He’s going to lose, and AJ is going to be the undisputed king.

“With Wilder-Joshua, we didn’t even get contracts. They made us an offer. Actually, Deontay Wilder made AJ an offer. ‘I will give you 50 mil, mate.’ We asked for a contract, but we never got a contract.

“In this contract [Joshua vs. Fury], us and Top Rank have spent weeks going through finalizing everything. It takes time.

“One thing I can promise you. Provided Tyson Fury is good for his word; he’s got a fight. We’re happy on our side.

“We’re good to go. I can’t control Tyson Fury. We’re in,” said Hearn.

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