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Emma Raducanu has opened up on her gruelling training days that help her to compete at the top level. The British star has revealed that she rises at 6am on a typical day and does double tennis sessions.

Raducanu has returned from three separate surgeries last year and is now trying to work her way back up the world rankings. The 21-year-old suffered a setback after being dumped out of the Qatar Open last week.

She has now revealed what her typical day includes. Raducanu begins with physio and puts her body through two tennis sessions that last a combined three-and-a-half hours.

“Typically, I start my day with physio doing muscle activation work to warm the body up. Then I warm up for half an hour, play tennis for 90 minutes, have an hour gym session, then break for lunch for around 90 mins,” Raducanu told Bazaar.

“After lunch, I go on court for another two hours and finish with an hour of treatment. It’s quite a lot but not much beats the satisfaction you get from it at the end of the day.”

Raducanu was beaten by the World No. 30 Anhelina Kalinina in the first round at the Qatar Open last week. She admitted that she “struggled with everything” during her match in a sign that a tough run of consecutive tournaments has taken its toll.

“I was struggling with everything – serve, return, forehand, backhand. I felt like I never really got into it,” Raducanu reflected afterwards

“It was a combination of things. It was my first day-match I have played in a year. That is different.

“I need to practise training outside a bit more. The lights, conditions, shadows… it is really hard to see the ball, I found towards the end. When my tennis isn’t there I have to try and at least fight and I did that in the second set.”

Raducanu says she needs to schedule her tournaments better after consecutive weeks on the WTA tour. She continued: “I just struggled with the timing of the ball. It will come with more time practising as well as matches.

“It is hard for me to get used to the tour schedule. It is one tournament then another straight away. I need to schedule my tournaments a bit better and try to get more matches under my belt.”

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