Lewandowski allegedly didn’t pay advertising tax until 2016

Robert Lewandowski might have found himself in a spot of bother as the Polish forward allegedly didn’t pay taxes on his advertising revenue until 2016.

The striker, who was named by FIFA as the world’s best player in 2020, apparently failed to make any tax payments related to his advertising revenue in Germany or Poland.

Der Spiegel published an investigation on Thursday, highlighting “dubious tricks” after analysing “hundreds” of documents.

Lewandowski’s lawyer and childhood friend Kamil Gorzelnik chose a formula that left a lot of leeway for financial creativity.

“There are risks, but you have to take risks to make a profit,” Gorzelnik said in an email to the forward’s advisor, Cezary Kucharski.

The lawyer allegedly made 2.5 million euros disappear from the accounts in order to declare losses.

The player himself has said through a spokesperson that he has always abided by the law and cooperated with the authorities

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