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Lewis Hamilton may be gearing up for some serious work in Las Vegas this weekend, but that won’t stop the seven-time world champion from revealing his lighter side. The British star has already settled into his surroundings ahead of the first Formula One Grand Prix to be staged in the gambling hotspot for over 40 years.

Hamilton’s love of the classic US cartoon The Simpsons appeared to be on show when his Mercedes team shared a photograph of their No. 1 driver starring at a laptop displaying a Homer Simpson screensaver.

But the reason behind the presence of the image may be more than just a homage to a legendary star of the animation world. The screensaver captures a well-known episode of The Simpsons where Homer is singing to his new pet pig whom he names ‘Spider-Pig’.

After details of the specially-created street circuit for the Las Vegas Grand Prix were announced, it was pointed out by eagle-eyed observers that the shape of the circuit represented a silhouette of Spider Pig.

Posting 12 months ago, the popular Las Vegas X account Las Vegas Locally shared a picture of both the circuit and the famous Simpsons scene, writing: “The Las Vegas F1 track looks like Spider Pig.”

Mercedes shared a photo of Hamilton’s laptop on Thursday morning via X with the caption: “Can he swing. From a web. No he can’t. He’s a pig.”

The renowned fan-led F1 and motorsport account WTF1 replied with a mocked-up image of Homer Simpson holding the Las Vegas circuit up as if it was Spider-Pig.

The brand-new F1 track might look like a cult cartoon character on paper, but it will be a very different story once the action gets underway on Saturday evening local time. The 6.2km circuit features 17 turns with a long straight that runs right through Las Vegas Boulevard past many of the city’s most iconic landmarks, hotels and casinos.

Hamilton has already played down the chances of a Mercedes victory in Nevada, after he could only finish eighth in Brazil last time out.

He told Sky Sports: “I 100 per cent know what went wrong there [in Brazil], but still ultimately we didn’t do a good job.

“Coming here we hopefully have a better approach. But we still don’t know how the car’s going to be here. It’s still not a world championship-winning car and I don’t even think it’s probably a race-winning car still.”

Only time will tell whether ‘Spider-Pig’ turns out to be a lucky track for Hamilton, but if it does then his Simpsons screensaver could be here to stay.

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