Who Is Capslockfaren On Twitter? Maguad Siblings Dead Body Photo

Capslockfaren, a Twitter user, appears to be the perpetrator. However, the account of the guilty party has yet to be verified.

Similarly, the photo of the lifeless bodies of teen siblings Crizzle and Crizzule has not been made public due to privacy concerns.

After allegedly being brutally murdered in broad sight, the Maguad siblings have been trending all over the internet.



es=”true”>On December 10 2021, the jolly days of the two teens came to an unanticipated end when they were ruthlessly murdered.

The heinous crime happened in their own house in Malang, North Cotabato, the Philippines, in broad daylight at 2 in the afternoon.

Mr Maguad, the father of the deceased siblings, got a call at 2:58 in the afternoon, who expertly is a high school teacher.

Upon receiving a call from someone to come home quickly as possible, he ran for his home without giving a second thought.

He saw something which he never even imagined in his worst nightmares. The deceased’s father was shocked to see a bloodbath in the home.

Reportedly, he got into the house from the back door. There he saw his children’s bodies as he walked from the kitchen to the living room.

Maguad Siblings Death Cause.

After six days of rigorous inspection, the case of Maguad Siblings Crizzle and Crizzule in North Cotabato was reported closed.

The prime suspect was the so-called survivor of the crime, “Janice”, whom the family had adopted just five months ago last July.



She first denied the crime, telling officials that several burglars had broken into the house and killed the residents.

Strange for a stranger killer to strike in broad daylight, since they normally do in the dark, according to her statement.

After a thorough investigation, it was discovered that Janice was supposedly envious of the teenagers, which led to the heinous act.

On December 16, Janice admitted that she was guilty and that the crime was committed out of envy.

What Was The Age Of Maguad Siblings?

At the time of the heinous crime, the Maguad Siblings, brother Crizzle and sister Crizzule, were 18 and 16 years old, respectively.

Two young, innocent teenagers were tragically murdered by a jealous individual whom they thought their own.

All we can do now is pray for the departed soul and express our condolences to the family and friends of the deceased sibling.