Marijuana makes Mike Tyson A Millionaire!

Mike Tyson , a living boxing legend, has been known for several years now for his role as a successful cannabis businessman , a business he decided to get into in 2018 when he started the construction, in California, of a dedicated 16-hectare ranch exclusively for the cultivation of medical marijuana.

And the truth is that his foray into this particular sector has been a professional triumph for the American. As Cheat Sheet published these days , his farm, called Tyson Ranch, sells more than $ 500,000 (about 411,000 euros) of marijuana a month. An astronomical amount that is contributing enormously to increase the fortune of the expugil.

The counterpoint to these gains, however, is found in the expenses that Tyson himself regularly has as a consumer of the very substance he grows. And, in a statement made in 2019 on his Hotboxin with Mike Tyson podcast, the former boxer admitted that he smokes, together with his partner Eben Britton, around $ 40,000 (around 35,800 euros) of marijuana every month.

In any case, the benefits the business is providing you are undeniable. It must be remembered that, despite the fact that during his professional career Tyson managed to fill his coffers to the maximum (it is estimated that the money he received for the 56 official boxing fights of which he was part added the stratospheric figure of 584 million dollars ), in 2003 he declared bankruptcy after squandering his fortune.

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