Nadal reveals the 10 things he can’t live without

In an interview given while in Australia, Rafael Nadal has shared the 10 things he couldn’t live without.

The Spaniard is currently in Mallorca training in preparation for a return to action and, unsurprisingly, his mobile phone tops his list of essential items.

Speaking to GQ, he went through his list.


First up is his smartphone, so useful when traveling around the globe, and Nadal named WhatsApp as his most used app.


Next up is his computer, useful for kicking back in his downtime when on the tour, watching series and documentaries, as well as keeping up to date with the news.

Tennis bag

Of course, any tennis pro needs all their kit with them and Nadal’s bag even had some souvenirs from golf clubs he’s been to on his travels. He also explained that having a small grip on his racket helps him achieve more control and spin.

Sports outfit

Another necessary part of an athlete’s luggage is their sportswear.

Casual outfit

It’s not all work and Nadal likes to have informal clothes to go out for dinner or do some tourism on a rare off day.


He has these with him all the time and has an eclectic taste in music, enjoying almost all genres, from classical to reggaeton.


Nadal keeps this always in his bag and ready to go, although he recently had to replace it as he’d filled up all the pages.


Nadal spoke of his love of traveling and Exumas in the Bahamas is one of his favourite places away from his native Balearic Islands.


As an experienced player now, Nadal’s body has racked up a lot of on-court miles and anti-inflammatories come in handy on tour.


As is the case for all of us, masks have become an essential item to always have on you during the coronavirus pandemic.


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