NBA dismiss plan to include Kobe Bryant in the logo

There has been talk about changing the NBA logo to replace the current silhouette of Jerry West with one of Kobe Bryant, but this has been ruled out by NBA commissioner Adam Silver.

Kyrie Irving has been among the most vocal about making such a change, and Bryant’s widow Vanessa has given her seal of approval, while others like Doc Rivers suggested that the logo could be changed to feature Michael Jordan.

“It doesn’t feel to me that this is the appropriate moment to be changing the logo,” he said, speaking ahead of the All-Star game.

“To me, and I appreciate the sentiments, it feels like the logo is appropriate right now.

“That doesn’t mean that we won’t turn back and look at it at some point.

“Nothing is permanently fixed, but the logo is iconic.

“Even changing the logo, purely even from a legal standpoint, isn’t an easy exercise. Not that that should be the impediment.”

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