Neurosurgeon: Osimhen Can’t Wait To Get Back

Doctor Alfredo Bucciero, one of the Neurosurgeons who performed clinical and diagnostic tests on Nigeria international, Victor Osimhen at the Pineta Grande Clinic Tuesday morning says the former Lille star is hale and hearty and fit to return to the pitch this weekend.

Doctor Bucciero who is head of the neurosurgery department at the clinic says the 2015 FIFA U-17 World Cup top scorer will remain under observations as he observes a few days of rest in line with UEFA protocol on cases like this.

“The boy (Osimhen) is in excellent physical condition, he has had an MRI scan, both of the skull and of the spine and there is nothing neurosurgical in place. He has just finished an EEG and we are waiting for the results. From a neurosurgical point of view, the boy is doing well and can’t wait to get back on the pitch. The UEFA protocol, however, expresses timing on the recovery of the head injury. The protocol provides for a rest from a few days to a few weeks.”

Dr Bucciero added: “I believe that by the end of the week Osimhen can resume physical activity and training, but on the pitch I have some difficulty thinking about it, but the direct management is by Dr. Canonico.

Excluded from Benevento (Serie A game at the Armando Maradona stadium in Naples this Sunday) ? I am a neurosurgeon, not the coach. As a fan I would like to see him on the pitch. He is a very motivated boy. He can’t wait to return. I can say that he is fine both from a general point of view and from a neurological point of view,” said Doctor Bucciero in an interview with Radio Punto Nuovo on Tuesday after the examination performed with Doctor Elpidio Pezzella.

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