Osimhen: ‘No one is my spokesperson’

Napoli forward Victor Osimhen said ‘asking a relative of mine is not the same thing as asking me directly’ after his brother Andrew criticised the Partenopei.

In an interview with Radio Marte, Osimhen’s brother said the Azzurri must play ‘more as a team and more for him’.

The Nigerian forward has posted a story on Instagram to say that his brother is not his ‘spokesperson’ and declared his love for the Partenopei.

“I wish to make it clear that asking for a football-related opinion to a relative of mine is not the same as asking me directly,” Osimhen wrote in a story on Instagram.

“I love Napoli, the club, my coach, and my team. I especially love my teammates and I hope to continue growing and improving to help them even more.

“This is my official opinion, and I ask you to respect it…no one is my spokesperson or whatsoever.”

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