Osimhen ‘out until early March’

Victor Osimhen has no memory of being knocked unconscious or going to hospital, as the Napoli striker’s doctor warns he’ll be out until early March.

The forward fell backwards and hit his head on the turf during the Serie A match against Atalanta on Sunday and was dropping in and out of consciousness.

He was rushed to the local hospital for tests, which fortunately all came back clear, but it has emerged he has no memory of the incident.

“He suffered head trauma with memory loss,” explained neurosurgeon Alfredo Bucciero to Radio Kiss Kiss.

“Now the medical tests are showing good results, but we still need to wait for the natural recovery time to be completed.

“We don’t have signs of a haematoma on the brain, nor damage to the skullcap. We must be cautious, he needs at least a week of complete rest.

“I think he could be available again from early March. Osimhen is in a rush, he wants to play and asks me to hurry up the process, but in these situations, rest is necessary. We cannot run any risks.”

The Nigerian is out of Thursday’s Europa League tie against Granada and the Serie A tie on Sunday against Benevento, both games will hold at the Armando Maradona stadium in Naples.

Osimhen could return on either March 3 when Napoli visit Sassuolo or March 7 when Genarro Gattuso’s side hosts Bologna.

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