Parker: Maja will make it tough for Mitrovic to win back Fulham place

Fulham boss Scott Parker believes Josh Maja will make it tough for Aleksandar Mitrovic to win back his place.

Mitrovic is back in the squad to face Crystal Palace on Sunday having recovered from Coronavirus – but Maja’s start with the Whites has left him in the driving seat.

A debut brace against Everton for a 2-0 away win on Valentine’s Day was a dream come true for the Bordeaux loanee.

Parker favours just one main striker in his line-up, so as it stands, it’s one or the other.

“I think Josh will stand up to the challenge (from Mitrovic) very well,” said Parker.

“Both will have big parts to play in the remaining 13 games this season. I’ve always said competition is what drives good teams.
“You had only one striker before in Mitro before Josh came in.

“Now we have two in the building; two forwards who can work with each other and that competition battle is very healthy and it’s something you need in good football teams.”

Parker admits winning 13 out of the remaining 13 games is ‘improbable’ but insists his squad has what it takes to grab points from unlikely places.

He said: “This is Crystal Palace. This is what we need to do. This is where they’re strong. Can we win this game? Yes we can.

“Tottenham at home and Liverpool away – it’s going to be the same. Every game we go into we are competitive – and we can get a result.”

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