Rare Luka Doncic card sells for 4.6 million dollars!

A Luka Doncic card has sold for an NBA record of 4.6 million dollars. The Dallas Mavericks star appears on the card alongside the NBA logo, with the card itself signed by the Slovenian.

The card is considered to be extremely rare, which may go some way to justifying its selling price of 4.6 million dollars – the second most expensive card sale in sporting history.

The card is part of the Panini National Treasures Basketball collection for the 2018/19 NBA season and was sold by collector Bolillo Lajan San, who paid more than 400,000 dollars for it originally.

On Sunday, collector Nick Fiorella bought the card for 4.6 million dollars – the most expensive sale in NBA history. On a global stage, its value is only bettered by 1952 card of baseball star Mickey Mantle, which sold for 5.2 million dollars.


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