Revealed! Leganés, Atlético negotiate payment of Thomas Partey’s €5m compensation …Following player’s transfer to Arsenal

Leganés and Atlético de Madrid have been negotiating for weeks the payment of the five million euros that the Rojiblancos owe to the Pepineros for the transfer of Thomas Partey to Arsenal in the last summer transfer market.

His departure to the Emirates Stadium was sealed by way of a termination clause (50 million). Until then, Leganés held 10% of the ownership of the Ghanaian midfielder, raising the compensation to the Blue and Whites to five million.

The acquisition of a footballer with this mechanism, with the payment of the clause, makes the transfer income immediate. That is, the buying club, in this case Arsenal, paid those 50 million to the LaLiga headquarters to send them to Atlético on the same day that the transfer was confirmed. On paper, there should be no problems for Atlético to pay what corresponds to Leganés.

However, the economic crisis in which soccer is plunged as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic means that income margins are lower and, therefore, greater difficulties to immediately face a payment of the amount which in other times would have been easier to pay. Hence, Atlético de Madrid has offered Leganés the proration of this payment. For now, there is no agreement.

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