Ronaldo blamed for Juventus Champions League exit

Porto knocked Juventus out of the Champions League on Tuesday night and the winning goal was a freekick from Sergio Oliveira where Cristiano Ronaldo was in the wall.

The No.7 jumped and turned around as he did so, with the ball going below him and through the wall and he has been heavily criticised for this in Italy.

Alvaro Morata and Adrien Rabiot were also in the wall and also part of the failure to block the shot, leaving Wojciech Szczesny with no chance.

Fabio Capello, working as a pundit on Sky Italia, spoke about this set piece during his post-match interview with Andrea Pirlo.

“Whoever is in the wall can’t be a player who is scared of getting hit,” Capello said.

“It was a serious and unforgivable mistake. There are no excuses.

“When you’re a coach you speak to the players and say that whoever is scared should say so and they won’t go in the wall.

“Coach, you’ve been eliminated because you put two players in the wall who turned around when the shot was struck. It’s not the goalkeeper’s fault that it went in.

“Whoever doesn’t face up to the shot without fear shouldn’t be in the wall.”

Pirlo then responded to Capello’s assertions.

“We were the ones who decided who should go in the wall, but they had never turned around before,” Pirlo said.

“That was a mistake and when you make mistakes at this stage of the Champions League then you pay for them.

“Maybe the players didn’t understand the importance of that attempt.”

Further criticism of Cristiano Ronaldo

Besides the freekick incident, Ronaldo was criticised by the Italian media in other aspects after Juventus once again suffered an early elimination.

Since the Portuguese arrived at the club, they have gone out to Ajax in the quarter-finals, to Lyon in the last 16 and to Porto in the last 16.


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