Ryan Reynolds presents Deadpool helmet for driver to race Las Vegas Grand Prix | F1 | Sport

The helmet depicts the face of the Marvel superhero who has been played by Reynolds across several films. The unique design portrays the iconic black and red mask and will be worn at this weekend’s penultimate race of the F1 season in which Ocon will compete.

It comes as no surprise Ocon was presented with the helmet given Reynolds’ recent involvement in Alpine. The Hollywood actor, along with fellow Wrexham AFC co-owner Rob McElhenney took control of a 24 percent equity stake in Apline Racing back in June this year.

The pair’s bid was part of a €200m (£174m) cash injection from a group of several investors, including Otro Capital, RedBird Capital Partners and Reynolds’ company Maximum Effort Investments. The deal was announced by the F1 team’s parent company Renault.

Apline driver Ocon will be hoping that his new helmet brings him luck in Las Vegas amid a mixed season for the team. Both Ocon and teammate Pierre Gasly currently sit twelfth and eleventh in the F1 Drivers Championship having earned one podium finish apiece.

Gasly is on 62 points for the season having earned his highest finish at the Dutch Grand Prix where he finished in third behind Fernando Alonso and reigning World Champion Max Verstappen.

Ocon also finished in third behind Alonso and Verstappen back in May at the Monaco Grand Prix to record his highest finish this season.

Both drivers will be competing in Las Vegas next in what has been a highly controversial race. It is the first race hosted in Nevada since 1982 which saw drivers race across a track built around the iconic Caesars Palace hotel.

The latest edition of the race will instead pass by several landmarks on the Las Vegas Strip, including Casesars, the Bellagio Fountains, MSG Sphere and The Mirage. Events have already been held ahead of the race including a glitzy opening ceremony which saw each driver presented to the 30,000 strong crowd on elevated stages.

Musical performances from Kylie Minogue and John Legend accompanied the spectacle which also included lasers and firework displays. But not everyone was happy with the glamorous show, with Verstappen claiming that the race feels like “99 percent show and one percent sporting event.”

“For me, you can all skip these things,” he said. “It’s not about the singer, it’s just standing up there, you look like a clown… I just like to always focus on the performance side of things.

“I don’t like all the things around it, anyway. I know, of course, in some places, they are part of it, but let’s say it’s not in my interest.”

The Grand Prix will start on Sunday (Nov. 19) at 6AM – 10PM local time – making it the latest-ever start to an F1 race.

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