Tebas: It will be difficult for Haaland or Mbappe to come to Spain this summer

LaLiga president Javier Tebas has spoken pessimistically on the state of Spanish football and he thinks it’s unlikely that either Kylian Mbappe or Erling Haaland will be coming to Spain this summer.

One of the issues is that, financially, few teams can even dream of signing these players.

“It would be difficult for Haaland or Mbappe to come [to Spain],” said Tebas.

“Only one team can sign Mbappe and only one or two can sign Haaland.

“Mbappe has a year left at PSG, Real Madrid will wait.”

Tebas was also asked about the competitiveness of Spanish teams in Europe, which seems to have suffered recently.

“Years ago I heard a discussion on Radio MARCA that said [Rafa] Nadal was finished,” he recalled.

“This sounds like more of the same to me.

“Because of three matches… you need to have wider analyses.”

Tebas also spoke about the way state-backed clubs cause an imbalance in the market that he sees as unfair.

“The prices spoken about for certain clubs are very difficult to pay except for the state-run clubs, who sign players with oil or gas money,” said Tebas.

“They are the only ones who can do these deals and in an underhand way.

“There’s eight billion less in the market, a PSG or a [Manchester] City might come along thanks to financial doping, but it’s not possible for the rest of the teams.”

It isn’t the first time that Tebas has taken issue with state-backed super clubs and he thinks Europe’s governing bodies need to do more to combat their power and unfair financial advantage.

“I don’t have much faith in UEFA’s financial fair play,” said Tebas.

“I think they rules need to be adhered to and applied more strictly.

“UEFA punished PSG and [Manchester] City but CAS (the Court of Arbitration for Sport) lifted it.”

Tebas wonders, then, if CAS is where the problem lies, the barrier to tackling this issue properly.

“I don’t know if my concern is with UEFA or CAS,” said Tebas.

“There are a lot of decisions that need investigating.

“CAS needs an investigation into what is happening there with a lot of decisions.”

With the possibility that LaLiga might lose one of its star attractions in Lionel Messi to one of these state-backed clubs, Tebas hopes the Argentine will stay but pointed out that LaLiga has withstood major losses before and survived just fine.

“Neymar and Cristiano [Ronaldo] left and we have done just fine,” said Tebas.

“We want the best here and Messi brings a lot.

“It would be a shame to see Barcelona lose their talisman and I don’t think the separation would be good for Messi either.”

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