The winners and losers of the NBA trade market

Time will ultimately tell who has enjoyed the best trade market of all the NBA’s franchises, but some things already look clear at these early stages after its closure.

Better Nuggets than last year
It’s clear that the Denver Nuggets are better than they were, with Aaron Gordon and JaVale McGee strengthening their side. Those who said they had already peaked were wrong.

The best the Blazers could do
The Portland Trail Blazers ended up negotiating with the Toronto Raptors for Norman Powell’s move, despite aiming higher.

Oladipo a big arrival for the Heat
Miami did well, with Victor Oladipo and Nemanja Bjelica coming in at a low cost.

Optimism in Chicago
The Chicago Bulls landed Nikola Vucevic, Daniel Theis and Al-Farouq Aminu. They need to find an identity, and Vucevic can help.

The Magic in ruins, but…
Orlando saw their team dismantled, but they are rebuilding a project that should culminate in 2025.

Little dynamite in Boston
The Celtics had to do something and they did. They brought in Evan Fournier, which wasn’t easy given the competition.

A shooter for the Mavs
Two shooters in JJ Redick and Nicolo Melli have arrived in Dallas, and both will see them improve.

Hill in the absence of Lowry
The Philadelphia 76ers wanted Kyle Lowry but he’s still in Toronto. Instead, George Hill has come in.

Immobility in LA
The Los Angeles Lakers didn’t make signings, but sometimes they’re not needed.

Ball’s problem
The New Orleans Pelicans haven’t found a solution and Lonzo Ball will be a free agent in the summer. The New York Knicks withdrew their interest.

The worst Raptors
The same thing happened in Toronto. A lot of noise surrounded Lowry, but nothing happened. They also lost Norman Powell and Matt Thomas without receiving much in return.

The Rondo bomb
The Los Angeles Clippers made big changes, and Rajon Rondo is the big arrival. It remains to be seen how that will go.

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