Tiger Woods didn’t brake during accident

Tiger Woods didn’t brake or even lift his foot off the accelerator during the car accident which left him with serious leg injuries and needing surgery.

Police have reported that the golfer didn’t attempt to stop as his car veered off the road and there’s also no evidence that he stopped accelerating.

Evidence taken from his car’s black box maintain the theory that he did nothing to avoid the accident once he’d lost control of his vehicle, sending his car into a tree and causing it to roll over several times, according to TMZ.

It’s not law in the United States to have a black box in your vehicle, but the fact that Woods had one has allowed investigators to gain a clearer image of exactly what happened and they have been able to see the speed the car was travelling and any attempt the driver made at stopping.

After spending almost a month in hospital, Woods in now recovering in his home in Los Angeles

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