UEFA Champions League: Guardiola surpasses Mourinho in number of victories

Pep Guardiola continues to win. Manchester City’s 2-0 victory against Borussia Monchengladbach not only helped the Premier League leaders into the quarter-finals of the Champions League, it was also Pep’s 82nd victory in a competition that has resisted him since he left Barcelona.

This moves him up to fourth place when it comes to the coaches that have celebrated the most victories in the history of the competition.

With his victory, Guardiola broke the tie he had with Jose Mourinho, although the Portuguese coach, whose Tottenham side are playing in the Europa League this season, needed 151 games to reach 81 wins. Guardiola, on the other hand, reached this milestone in 20 fewer Champions League games.

After Mourinho, Guardiola’s next challenge is to catch up with Arsene Wenger and Carlo Ancelotti, who share third and second place. Both have celebrated 90 victories, although the Italian has a better balance than the Frenchman (166 matches compared to 184).

Further away is Sir Alex Ferguson, the outstanding leader of the statistic. The legendary Manchester United manager has a record of 102 victories in the 190 games he has led in the Champions League from the bench.

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