Victoria Beckham ‘supporting Geri Halliwell’ as Christian Horner investigation continues | F1 | Sport

Showbiz star Victoria Beckham has reportedly offered her support to former Spice Girls co-star Geri Halliwell amid the ongoing investigation into her husband Christian Horner. The Red Bull team principal was placed under investigation following allegations of misconduct from a female employee within the team.

In a report from OK!, a source close to Geri explained: “They always got on well and have been there for each other through the difficult times. When Geri was having a bit of a stormy relationship with some of the other Spice Girls, Victoria supported her and helped her through. It’s the same now – Victoria wants to support Geri any way she can.

“Victoria and David have had some really low points together as a couple and Geri was there for her. She’s never forgotten how good Geri was with all the Rebecca Loos stuff, and the horrible treatment of David after the World Cup. Now she knows it’s her time to be there for Geri, and she wants to look after her and help her.”

The investigation into Horner’s antics is ongoing, and according to Sky Sports News reporter Craig Slater, Geri could be forced to wait to find out the fate of her husband with no decision on the 50-year-old’s future expected to be made before the team’s launch event on 15 February.

Instead, Slater has predicted that the first race of the season in Bahrain at the end of the month is a more realistic timeframe for Red Bull to decide the fate of their team principal. This decision will not be taken lightly, and Horner already attended a hearing regarding the allegations last week.

This ordeal has taken a considerable toll on the Horner family, and Geri turned off comments on her Instagram account last week to stem the flow of abusive comments. A source in a Daily Mail report explained: “Geri is in full lockdown and not talking to anyone at the moment.

“Christian is speaking privately and says that he will clear his name and come through this, but Geri seems to be simply too upset to engage with anyone. Just lots of tears. She will stand by him and be at his side just as much as she always has been. She never misses a race and that will not change.”

If Red Bull are forced to make a change at the top, then they will be dismissing one of the most successful team principals in F1 history. Horner has been synonymous with the Milton Keynes-based team’s success since they joined the sport nearly two decades ago and has been instrumental in their dominance during the ground-effect era.

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