Witness statement says Tiger Woods was unconscious after car crash

New information made available to California police has alleged that Tiger Woods was unconscious at the wheel of his car after his serious crash on February 23.

Carlos Gonzalez, a deputy officer, was the first policeman to arrive at the scene of the accident, finding Woods conscious in his SUV.

However, according to a witness statement relayed by Los Angeles County sheriff Johann Schloegl, a member of the public arrived on the scene before Gonzalez.

The witness, a local who lived nearby, said in his statement that he found the golfer unconscious at the wheel of his mangled car and not responding to his questions.

Woods’ statements to police say that he didn’t remember how the crash occurred and that he couldn’t remember driving on the day of the incident.

Sheriff Schloegl had previously confirmed that Woods was not under the influence of alcohol or substances during the time of the crash.

Investigators have studied the black box found in Woods’ car but have not revealed their findings.

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